What to do if you need to submit your paper in an hour, but you haven’t even started? Such a task seems to be impossible to accomplish, but we suggest that you can do that! Don’t panic, get focused, and start working! Let’s discuss some guidelines on how to write papers in extreme conditions.

Read the prompt

Obviously, you need to read the main question and make sure that you understand what is required. Take a quick look at the prompt and make sure that you get it right. The worst thing that can happen is a sudden awakening: you have already written half of your work and then realized that you missed the point. This will cancel all of your efforts in a second.

Decide your main idea

Reading a prompt, try to define the main point you will develop. If you don’t know the topic well, try to recall everything that you can remember about it and choose something relevant you can discuss. A quick Google search may help you recall some general facts.

Make a basic plan

We know that you are in a great hurry, but a brief outline is something you really need. Skipping this crucial stage, you will waste more time trying to bring everything in order in the process of writing. Decide what you are going to talk about in every paragraph of your paper to make it flow. This way, you won’t forget the crucial facts. Also, you will know what you are going to write my essay service review next without getting stuck.

Write in simple words

All of those smart words and complicated sentences will take a lump of your time. When you are in a hurry, avoid complex structures. Write in simple words and make yourself clear.

Don’t forget to proofread your paper

Don’t be tempted to submit papers without editing! Take at least a couple of minutes to check your writing for mistakes. To do it really fast, use online tools like automatic essay writer. With its help, you will check grammar in a couple of minutes, make sure that your paper is free from plagiarism, and create in-text citations and references.

What to do if you are stuck?

So you have been writing a paper at a fast pace, everything went well, but at some point, you got stuck. How to finish your paper and how to connect the dots?

  • Reread what you have already written and ask yourself: so what? This is something your reader will ask, so you need to respond to this question.
  • Get back to your introduction and connect it with the conclusion. You can restate your main idea and say whether your hypothesis was right or wrong.
  • Sum up your previous points without repeating them. Think about an alternative way to interpret your prior ideas.
  • Ask a rhetorical question instead of writing a statement. Provoke your readers to think about the issue you have been discussing.

Indeed, it is hard to compose a brilliant paper within an hour. However, you can learn these useful techniques and apply them in desperate situtaions. Hopefully, these tricks will help you deal with a super-urgent task without a hitch!